Don't be trashy - ocean conservancy 

Project Description:


This project was a self-led project tackling an issue of our choice. I chose ocean conservation, and wanted this project to be a campaign that aimed to shed light on the amount of trash in the ocean, and the seriousness of the situation. My strategy was to put the trash in a familiar environment- your own home- to try and get the point across that we’re destroying creatures’ homes. I also thought this might be an interesting and approachable way to shed light on the subject, as it’s still easy to look at, and something people would be willing to put on merchandise as a way to start the conversation.

don't be trashyKITCHEN_Week8Final-01.jpg
don't be trashylivingroom_Week8Final-01.
don't be trashyoffice_Week8Final-01.jpg
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